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Judgments on Unregistered Lease Deed

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Unregistered Lease Deed

Unregistered Lease Deed — Where a lease deed is for a term of thirty years and is unregistered, the terms of such a deed cannot be relied upon to claim or enforce any right under or in respect of such lease — It can be relied upon for the limited purposes of showing that the possession of the lessee is lawful possession or as evidence of some collateral transaction — Even if an arbitrator is appointed, he cannot rely upon or enforce any term of the unregistered lease deed — Where the arbitration agreement is not wide and does not provide for arbitration in regard to all and whatsoever disputes, but provides only for settlement of disputes and differences arising in relation to the lease deed, the arbitration clause though available in theory is of little practical assistance, as it cannot be used for deciding any dispute or difference with reference to the unregistered deed.  

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